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Guilford Little League has many different programs for children age 4 to 13. All children will have opportunities to participate at all levels of competition regardless of skill or ability. Little league is all about teamwork, sportsmanship, and teaching our children how to be well adjusted members of the community. While all sports have competition, the most important part of the league is our ability as adults to teach our children how to be good citizens.


Tee Ball (Age 4 to 6)

Our Tee Ball programs for children 4 to 6 introduce our youngest players to game basics such as hitting, throwing, team work and sportsmanship in a clinic style group setting.  T1 is for first time players usually age 4 and 5. T2 is for children age 5 and 6 who have one year of tee ball experience or are 6 years old.

Minors Baseball or Softball (Age 7 to 11)

Baseball Minors A and Softball Minors AA continue the clinic style setting as more of the team concept is introduced. Baseball Minors A is for boys and girls age 7/8. Softball Minors AA is for age 7/8 girls.

Baseball Minors AA, AAA and Softball Minors AAA introduce umpires and more competition. Baseball Minors AA is for boys and girls age 8/9 and Minors AAA is for boys and girls age 9/10/11. Softball Minors AAA is for girls age 8/9/10.

Majors Baseball and Softball (Age 10 to 12)

Majors level for our older children is the most competitive. Baseball Majors is primarily for children age 11/12 but some are age 10.

Volunteers / Sponsors

The league is also an all volunteer, non profit organization. Every member of the Board and all participants volunteer their time to make the league better. It takes many people and many hours of planning to run a successful season. When you register your child please consider ways you can help out the league as follows. 


If you have an hour or two, or are able to spend more time with the league, we have a job for you.


We are also supported by sponsors who contribute money to keep costs down for everyone.