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Save the Date: Baseball Evaluations on March 7th!

Please save the date for Baseball Evaluations, which are scheduled for Saturday, March 7th at 12:30 pm at BatterUp! in Guilford. We would like all players that are moving up from AA to AAA, or from AAA to Majors to attend. Returning players who are staying in the same league do not need to attend evaluations, and players in Tee Ball, Minors A, and Minors AA do not need to attend.

Player evaluations present an important opportunity to observe the skills and talents of our players so that we can maintain the best possible team balance across the league. This balance is critical as it not only supports healthy competition across our divisions, but also help us to best ensure that we're achieving our primary goal: teaching our children to be better ballplayers and citizens. 

If you are still deciding on which league to register your child (e.g. AA or AAA; AAA or Majors), player evaluations will also offer a terrific opportunity to consult with coaches and league officials. For now, if you are undecided, we ask that you please register your child in the lower league (8's in AA, 10's in AAA). If you decide to change your registration at a future date we will offer guidance on how to do so.

In order to be eligible to play up, a player will need to be drafted by a coach in that applicable division (AAA or Majors). In some cases, the logistics of assembling teams may prevent us from being able to allow all players who wish to play up to do so.

Based on the level of interest we are receiving and current registration data, we do not anticipate that these new rules will negatively impact the level of overall play in AA, AAA or Majors Leagues. To the contrary, we believe that by offering additional opportunities for players to engage in meaningful, challenging, consistent competition we can accelerate player development across all leagues.

Our primary objective is, as always, to provide the kids with a fun experience and we will do everything we can to place players in the most appropriate league for their development.

Additional guidance for 8 year-olds interested in Minors AAA:

League age 8 players who wish to play in AAA should generally be able to do the following:

  • identify all of the defensive positions on a baseball diamond and their locations.

  • Make a throw from third to first base with some accuracy.

  • Catch routine pop-ups that are thrown to them or in front of them (moving back to catch a pop up is a rare skill at this age).

  • Hit kid-pitch at speeds of up to 45MPH+ (local batting cages will help you evaluate your child's ability to hit at these speeds); demonstrate general awareness of the differences between balls and strikes.

  • Demonstrate good awareness of game flow and situations (awareness of how many outs there are, where to make plays based on runners on base).

Additional guidance for 10 year-olds interested in Majors:

League age 10 players who wish to play in the Majors should generally be able to do the following:

  • Hit kid-pitch thrown at high speed (up to 60MPH+). If you are uncertain, consider visiting a local batting cage to evaluate your child's abilities at these speeds.

  • Demonstrate consistent ability to catch fly balls thrown in front of them and laterally, some ability to move back to catch fly balls.

  • Throw from third to first with consistently strong velocity and accuracy.

  • Field line-drives and ground balls from infield positions hit at a high rate of speed.

  • Demonstrate highly developed awareness of game situations, including where to make plays based on number of outs and game situation, when to throw to cut-off man when playing outfield.