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Inclement Weather:

GLL fields are managed by the town of Guilford. If the Parks / Rec Department closes fields then games will not be played on that day in Guilford. The Parks / Rec Department usually decides on field conditions usually by 3:00pm or no later than 4:00pm.  Coaches should be on standby during the afternoon of games/practices.  Coaches should send an email to the team as soon as possible after receiveing word that fields are closed. This website will be updated as well if the fields are closed. Look for a scrolling message at the top of the website.  If there is no message on the Parks / Recs Weather line then fields are open. 

When fields are open the decision to play is up to the Coach or Coaches of the teams.  

Parks / Rec Weather line:
Weather line: (203) 453-8134

This applies to games in Guilford only. If you are playing out of town please let your team know the status.

Field Preparation

Park / Rec will prepare the fields for practice and games. On the weekends there may be more than one game scheduled on a field. If you wish to prepare the field for play, please remember these helpful tips that will keep the fields in good shape.


When raking, always pull soil away from grass and toward the inner part of the infield. Raking soil toward the grass will cause a buildup of clay and create an unsafe lip or berm. If you use the chain link field grater, stay at least two feet away from the grass. Again, grating too close to the grass will create a berm over time. Only use the grater on the infield.


As with the infield, it is important to pull soil away from the grass. When raking, always rake up and down the long way (home to/from third and home to/from first). Never rake side to side the short way. When raking up and down angle the rake slightly so that you rake the soil away from the grass. Do not use the grater on the base path.

Home Plate

Again, always pull soil from the grass toward home plate. You can use excess clay to fill in holes.

Puddles and Soft Spots

Do not go on the field if Park / Rec closes the fields. If they do not close the field but it rains and puddles form, do not try to rake them out. The water needs to drain naturally. If the puddle does not drain quickly then close the field. Attempting to rake out puddles will make an uneven and hazardous field. Broken noses, black eyes and twisted ankles are not fun for anyone.

If there are soft spots where there are no puddles, but you can leave a footprint, you can try to use Turface or turf dry to dry out the field. Pour the Turface on the soft spot and rake it in. In general a half bag of Turface around each base should be sufficient. If you need more than two bags of Turface to prepare the field then consider closing the field.