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A Message From GLL President Chris Loban


Guilford Little League Families,

With the off-season in full swing, GLL wanted to update you on a couple of important items. Please take a few moments to read through this note to ensure that you are up to date on the progress GLL is making.

Field improvements – GLL has taken on 1 large and several smaller projects this off-season which will be completed by this spring. They are as follows:

  1. Bittner B Improvements – GLL has replaced the crowned in-field on Bittner B with newly leveled sod and a new mound is in the works
  2. Leete and Baldwin A & B fields – each will have new benches where there weren’t any previously installed so our players have a place to sit when they aren’t on the field
  3. New pitcher’s mounds, homeplates, and bases will be installed at any fields that previously did not have permanent bases

USA Bat regulations – GLL wants to remind our parents that Little League International will require that all bats used in little league play after 1/1/2018 will have to have the USA bat mark on them. GLL will be purchasing new bats for our league but if you are in the market for a present this holiday season, be sure that you only purchase these new bats with the USA emblem

Winter Training – GLL’s winter training program will be offered as a great way to get your players some preseason training prior to the start of our spring season. The Guilford High School coaching staff will run this program for GLL. The program will run every Saturday morning from 2/24 until 4/7 at Batter Up here in Guilford from 9-11AM. Space will be limited so be sure to keep an eye out for more information

Calendar of Events – GLL will be putting out a calendar of events in the beginning of 2018 which will ensure that all interested families can plan in advance for some of the fun filled activities GLL has in-store for our kids including the Opening Day parade, the Yard Goats game, on-field clinics with the GHS team, approximate practices and game schedules, and many other important dates

Spring Season Registration – GLL had a great turnout of players this fall and we’re looking to get even more kids out to play baseball and softball with their friends this spring. Registration for returning and new players for our 2018 spring season will be opening on 12/1, an email with more information will be coming out later this week

Our next monthly membership meeting will be on Monday 12/4 at the Community Center at 7:30, all are welcome to attend. Thank you to our GLL families for your continued support of our program, we look forward to further growing the great sports of baseball and softball within our community in 2018.


Play ball Guilford!


Chris Loban

President, Guilford Little League