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Due to our COVID procedures for 2021, sharing bats and helmets is prohibited without disinfecting and drying the equipment in between uses. While all coaches will be provided with disinfectants, we ask that all players have their own bat and helmet for the 2021 season. Equipment may be purchased inexpensively (plus with savings above) especiallly at younger levels - we do not recommend that you spend a lot of money on equipment for our younger divisions.

If you are unable to purchase a helmet or bat for financial or any other reason please use this form to request a loan. We kindly ask that you work with us to prioritize families in need as many have had income disrupted by COVID and we want all of the kids to have good equipment for the season.


Please make sure that all baseball bats have the USA Baseball logo. Any bat that does not have the USA logo is illegal in Little League (note different rules for Softball below). Please note that there is a different standard used in Travel leagues called (USSSA) - these are not the same thing, and USSSA and BBCOR bats are also illegal in Little League. Most eligible bats will have "USA Baseball" in the title or description, and they must have this logo on them:


Here is more information on the USA bat standard from our website:


Softball families - great news! Softball bat rules are much more flexible. You can read about them on this page by scrolling about halfway down.


Batting Helmets:

This one is simple - virtually any new batting helmet that you can purchase from a retailer is usable in Little League. However, if you have an old helmet that you'd like to use, the helmet must be free of any cracks or damage and all of the padding on the inside of the helmet must be in place. For the helmet to be usable, it must have an "NOCSAE" symbol on it. Please do not put decorations/stickers on your child's little league helmet. If the helmet has a logo sticker from another program (e.g. a travel team) it is fine to use.

We do not recommend that you spend a lot of money on a helmet - especially at our younger levels.

Additional information on helmet rules may be found here:



In the early spring the grass may be very wet in the early morning, we strongly recommend using cleats for all levels. Infield clay will also get stuck in the soles of sneakers making them very slippery. While there are specific cleats made just for baseball, it's not uncommon for players at our younger levels to wear soccer cleats.

Metal cleats are prohibited in Guilford Little League.

Fielding Equipment:

To keep this simple, any youth glove is generally acceptable in Little League, with some minor exceptions. Fielder's gloves may not be over 12 inches long or 7 3/4 inches wide - any youth glove available for purchase will be well within this size limit.

Catchers must wear Catcher's mitts - you can not use a non-catcher's glove at catcher.

It's very rare that this is an issue - but pitcher's gloves at our older levels may not be white or gray or decorated in any manner to cause distraction (at the umpire's discretion).

Softball players often like to have a protective mask for fielding.

Catcher's Gear:

Because of our COVID safety procedures for 2021 we will not be playing with catchers below our AAA levels UNLESS a player owns his or her own gear, which is very rare at these young ages.

For AAA and majors teams, we will supply coaches with limited supplies of catcher's gear and disinfectants but strongly recommend that players who own their own gear bring it to games and practices so they may use it.

Male catchers must wear a cup. Catcher's helmets may not have any loose or damaged padding and may not have any cracks or damage.