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 Personal health check - You are required, along with coaches and officials, to conduct a daily symptom assessment (self-evaluation) for you and your child. If you or your child have symptoms of fever, cough, or respiratory symptoms, or any known exposure to a person with COVID-19, you should not attend any Little League activity until you have been cleared by a medical professional.

 Attendance at Games - Because outdoor events are currently limited by state guidelines to under 100 attendees, we ask that you please only invite members of your immediate household to GLL events this season.

 Parent and Player Seating - Benches and bleachers have been removed from the parks for the GLL season. We recommend that you bring a comfortable chair to the game. On hot days, popup tents are ideal to create shade - especially at Adams field where tree cover is sparse.

 Social Distancing - The grass on all of our GLL fields will be marked with white boxes in six-feet intervals to help maintain social distancing. Please stay six feet away from individuals who are not part of your household at GLL events, or wear a mask when within six feet of someone outside of your household.

 Parent/Guardian Conduct - Please remember that the kids have been through a lot and that we're fortunate to be able to play in these difficult circumstances. Please conduct yourself in a positive manner towards players, umpires, volunteers, and other parents at all times.

 Equipment - Each player should have their own helmet, glove and bat. You are responsible for monitoring your child's equipment during games to ensure that it is not used by any other player. When it is your child's turn to bat, they will retrieve their bat from you. If your child reaches base, their bat will be placed on the opposite side of the fence for you to retrieve.

 Water and Sunscreen - we're playing much later in the season than usual. As a result, you should provide your child with a large container full of water with that is labeled with his or her name, and plenty of sunscreen.

 Dugouts - Dugouts are closed for the 2020 season. Please keep your child out of the dugouts before and after games.

 Personal Protective Equipment - Players are not required to wear a mask when in active play, but you may provide your child with one if you choose. We will provide all GLL players with a mask with their uniform just prior to the start of game play. Players should not wear medical gloves while on the field of play. Please follow all state and local guidelines regarding mask use when attending GLL games as a spectator.

 Food and Snacks - Team snacks (e.g. oranges, cupcakes, etc), sunflower seeds and chewing gum are not permitted at GLL events in 2020. The Adams Field snack bar will also be closed during the 2020 season.

 After the Game - To reduce foot traffic, we kindly ask that you leave the parks promptly after each game, and do not allow children to run on the field. 

We will have field managers at as many games as possible to help reinforce these guidelines.

Executing on a successful season for our kids is a team effort between parents, coaches and league officials. While we can never eliminate all risks, by following these common-sense guidelines we can maximize our chances of having a complete season for our kids. 

It takes a community, and we can do this for our kids by working together.