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What's cooking in the concessions stand at Adams?

Jumbo hot dog $3

Cheddar ­hot dog $3

Hamburger / Cheeseburger $3 

Bacon, egg & cheese $3

Grilled cheese sandwich $3

Veggie burger $3

Fr. Mozz. with sauce $3

Chicken strips $3

French fries $2

Powerade / Soda / Water / Coffee / Tea / Hot chocolate $2

Big League Chew $2

Soft pretzel $2

Ice cream / Italian ice $2

Popcorn $1

Sunflower seeds $1

Candy $1



Who's cooking in the concessions stand at Adams?

Ken Costello (Knights of Columbus - Fish Fry volunteer)

Sakayla Senior & Jarvis Jones (Eli Whitney Technical High School cooking program)

Liz Northrop (Returning cook - responsible for bringing fried Oreos to GLL last fall)


FAQs about working in the concessions stand at Adams: Spring 2016

How do I sign up to volunteer in the concessions stand?

  • Your team parent coordinator will contact you about signing up for shifts when your child’s team is at home on the A field. The visiting team is responsible for keeping score inside the stand.

What time should I show up?

  • Please report 30 minutes before game time if you are schedule for innings 1-3. If you are covering innings 4-6, you are responsible for closing up the stand.

Is this something new?

  • No. Little Leagues across the country run their programs (and concessions stands) with volunteers. If you are not coaching, this is a great way to contribute to the effort of running the league. What’s new is that the GLL no longer asks concessions volunteers to clean the restrooms at the end of the night.

Will I be alone in there?

  • Two parent volunteers must be covering the window at all times. When it’s not busy, you may watch the game from the scorekeeper’s area.

Do I have to cook anything?

  • You are responsible for heating up pretzels and making popcorn, coffee, tea & hot chocolate. Our cooks (Ken, Jarvis, Sakayla and Liz) handle the grilled and fried items.

What if I can’t make it to my assigned shift?

  • Ideally, you will phone a friend to cover for you. If you cannot find a substitute, you must contact your team coordinator so s/he can find someone to cover your shift. If there are less than two people covering the stand from your team, the game will go on but a forfeit is recorded on the books.

Do I have to volunteer for this since I have other kids, a job, etc.?

  • Most people have other kids and commitments as well and would prefer to watch every game from the bleachers, but we ask that you pitch in so that the burden is not increased for the other parents on your team. It’s a great opportunity to get to know another parent on your team, and most kids get a little excited seeing Dad or Mom selling the snacks.

Do I have to set up when I arrive for the first half of the game?

  • There is a checklist posted on the wall for you to follow when opening the stand. Here’s what it looks like:


Opening Checklist


Open windows & leave metal window securing piece on the shelf above the register.



Arrange snacks on counter.



Make 2 pots of regular coffee; put one in the thermos. Make decaf on demand.



Run a pot of water through the coffee maker for tea and hot chocolate. Leave it on the warming surface of the old, large coffee maker.



Put Coffeemate, creamer from fridge, sugar and stirrers by pick-up counter along with ketchup, mustard, napkins, etc. We go through the half-and-half quickly, but always sniff it before you put it in the thermos for the customers.



Hang up the concession menu with prices outside.



Stock items as necessary. You will find lots of candy, popcorn, snack items, hot beverage items, etc. in the cabinets below the register.



Make 2 batches of popcorn. Instructions are located near the popcorn machine.



Heat 6 pretzels from the freezer and put them into the pretzel warmer.  On the side of the microwave you will find instructions for this. Make more if there is a demand. You should just heat one at a time toward the end of the night.



Remind visiting team that someone needs to come into the stand to keep score if nobody’s shown up by game time.


 What are my responsibilities during the game?

  • Take orders on the forms provided. Make sure the customer’s name is on the order form before you give hang it on the line for the cook.
  • Sell snacks. Prices are lower and rounder - simpler to add up than ever before. You may use the register if you wish or do the math in your head.
  • Put more TP in the restroom(s) if someone uses the last square.
  • Get an ice pack for an injured player. They are on the white plastic shelf near the scorekeeper’s window seat.
  • Deliver grill items to the people who ordered them. You’ve seen the faces of the people ordering, but the cook hasn’t. You are a big help in this regard.
  • Keep the counter areas clean. Nobody wants to eat in a place that looks dirty. There are cleaning supplies and paper towels all around, and the place will only be as clean as we keep it.  If you spot a yucky mess in the corner, you can say, “Eww, look at that,” or “Hey, let me get that.” The latter is so much better.
  • Stock items that are low. If there is a case of Powerade that’s just been delivered, feel free to unpack it and put it in the fridge.
  • Sell the Yard Goats tickets. Face value is $6, but we sell them for $8 as a fund raiser for the league. Please note the date and number of tickets you sold on the paper in the tin which contains the tickets.


Please contact the Director of Concessions to report

-anything you are out of or running low on

-anything that is broken

-anything that is missing

-any questions you have

-any ideas you have for improving the stand.        

Text or call Janice at 203-901-8243.


How do I close the stand?

  • There is a checklist posted with closing responsibilities. Here’s how it looks:
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    Closing Checklist


    Let the crowds know you'll be shutting down the grill 15 min. before doing so, but make sure you do not close the stand before the end of the game on B field.



    Clean up coffee area; wash all coffee pots with soap and water.



    Put away condiments & napkins by the pick up window.



    Wipe down all counter areas by the register & sink w/sanitizer tablets in water.



    Lock bathroom doors by pressing the lock icon.



    Discard leftover popcorn; empty kernel-catching tray; wash the kettle & scoop; and wipe down the main unit with a Lysol disinfecting wipe.



    You will prepare TWO money envelopes at the end of the night. Leave $150 (or as close as you can get to that number) in $1s, $5s and $10s in the first envelope. You will hand this off to a key holder who will lock it up for use tomorrow.



    Count the rest and put it in your second envelope. Fill in info below AND write this info on your envelope. Put this second envelope with the proceeds in the gray locked box for the treasurer in the storage room on the wall.


    Amount in 1st envelope ($150 or close)  $___________ given to ______________(keyholder)

    Amount placed in 2nd envelope: $__________ Date: ________________________

    Names: ______________________________   ______________________________

    Leave this form in the green folder by the register in the drawer. The cook or keyholder will lock up the stand.

Thank you for helping today. All proceeds benefit the GLL.